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AJISSscanThis important volume addresses several strategic questions with regards to US-Muslim relations, Muslim minorities in the West, Islam in America, Ijtihad and Islam and Democracy.

Some of the most influential commentators from academia, policy community and the Islamic community address the subject in a frank and engaging fashion.

The key participants in this dialogue are Ariel Cohen [Heritage Foundation], John L. Esposito [Georgetown University], Graham Fuller [Retired CIA Analyst], Abid Ullah Jan [ The Independent Center for Strategic Studies and Analysis] and Muqtedar Khan [University of Delaware].

The commentators on the dialogue include Ali Mazrui, Mahmood Mamdani, Louay Safi, Feisal Rauf, Taha Jaber Al Alwani and Hakan Yavuz.



Debating Moderate Islam
M. A. Muqtedar Khan


The Debate

Power or Ideology: What Islamists chose will determine their future
Ariel Cohen

Moderate Muslims: A Mainstream of Modernists, Islamists, Conservatives, and Traditionalists
John L. Esposito

Freedom and Security: Necessary Conditions for Moderation
Graham E. Fuller

Islamic Democracy and Moderate Muslims: The Straight Path runs through the Middle
M. A. Muqtedar Khan

Moderate Islam: A Product of American Extremism
Abid Ullah Jan

The Rebuttals

Blaming the U.S., Israel or Capitalism is not the Solution
Ariel Cohen

Clash of Ignorances: The War on Terror Must not Compromise Muslim Rights
John L. Esposito

Though Muslims exist today, Islam does not
Abid Ullah Jan

The Erdogan experiment in Turkey is the Future
Graham Fuller

Moderate Muslims are the Key to the future of Islam and US-Muslim Relations
M. A. Muqtedar Khan

Commentaries and Reflections on the Debate

In God We Trust: The Prospects for the Future of Islam and the West is Positive
Imam Feisal Rauf

Liberal Islam Versus Moderate Islam: Elusive Moderate and the Siege Mentality
Ali Mazrui

Reflections on Ijtihad and Moderate Islam
Louay Safi

Culture Talk: Six Debates that shape the Discourse on “Good” Muslims
Mahmood Mamdani

The Transformation of a Turkish Islamic Movement: From Identity Politics to Policy
Hakan Yavuz

Reflections on the “Moderate Muslims” Debate
Sheikh Taha Jaber Al Alwani

About the Author
Dr. M. A. Muqtedar Khan is Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at University of Delaware.

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